Download Instructions

Dear Customer

Thank you for purchasing from The book has to be downloaded from our server on to the device before you begin to read. Please follow the instructions provided below so that you can read your book.

(Skip these steps if you have already done)

Halant Books eBook reader:

  • You need to start by downloading the halant books reader application for your device or devices
  • The supported devices are iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod, Android Phones (Smart Phones), Android Tabs and Windows Desktop
  • MAC PCs and Linux systems also can be used to read the books using the browser mode

The First Step at

  • create an account for yourself with your email id as the login name by clicking My Account and Register menu
  • Since purchases are involved, we take your billing address and related information for e-commerce transactions
  • Then click the links provided on the home page to download the reader application for iOS (iPad and iPod), Android (Mobiles and Tabs) and Windows (Desktop versions)
  • Once you have downloaded the reader application, you are ready to buy and download books from our book store
  • You go to our book downloading website
  • Provide your information as User Name, email ID and password and sign up for the services
  • An email will be sent to your mail ID and you need to confirm the same
  • This step is to be done only once

Shopping at

  • Each time you need to buy books from, you need to login with your credentials
  • You choose the book you desire to purchase and add it to the shopping cart
  • If it for 0 Rs. then you can do a free check out
  • If there is any amount is to be paid, then you can make the necessary amount by paying through Credit/Debit cards or net banking
  • On the card or bank statements the company name will be listed as SMART SOLUTIONS
  • You will receive your Invoice through your mail
  • Your Invoice will carry the details of the book you had purchased and the procedure to download the book
  • Follow the link and download the book and enjoy reading

Free Book to test:

  • We have kept some books for 0.0 so that you can try them for free
  • As of now A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is kept for free download

(Skip till this step)

Purchased Books:

The book you have purchased has been given a Book_ID. It is a number. The method to download varies slightly as per the ID number. Follow the instructions as per the ID. There are 2 categories at present. The first category is for the books whose IDs range from 1000 to 9999. The second category is for the books whose IDs range from 10000 to 19999.

First Category where the book ID is 1000 to 9999:

  • go to our download website
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Go to My Library
  • Go to Redeem Books menu
  • Enter the coupon code (where it is mentioned as Enter Voucher) and the PIN as marked
  • Click on SAVE
  • Your book will be saved to your library and it will appear when you click on My Library
  • Then click on the book to download and read using the reader

How to Read:

  • The Halant Books app has to be loaded or visit the website
  • This will load the store front
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Go to Library
  • The redeemed book will be displayed
  • Click on the book to read

Second Category where the book ID is 10000 to 19999:

  • These books will be available in (this store)
  • Will be available under My Account and Download section
  • Click to download the book and save them to the device
  • Then read using our reader application