Read Me First

A word about eBooks:

eBook is the terminology for electronic books and is the latest buzz word. We deliver books in electronic format (in .epub format) a global standard as specified by IDPF. These books are readable on most of the digital devices available today. The supported devices are Android Tabs, Android Mobiles (Smart Phones), Android TVs, Android SetTopBoxes, iPhones, iPads and Windows Desktop PCs. In addition to these you can enjoy reading these books through our web reader using a standard browser (use Chrome or Firefox) on PCs with any other Operating System such as Linux, MacOS etc.


Before you proceed to download the Apps and start reading the books, we would like you to understand the concept of our Book Store ( where books are displayed and sold), cloud server account (where the books you purchased are stored with the DRM) and the Book Reader App (where you will be reading the books). You visualise your cloud account something similar to your mail account. Like you access your mail from any device, you can access these books from any device. These 3 elements are linked to give you an experience to read your favourite books on your favourite devices at any point of time.

The First Step at

  • Create an account for yourself with your email id as the login name by clicking My Account and Register menu
  • Then click the links provided on the home page to download the reader application for iOS (iPad and iPod), Android (Mobiles and Tabs) and Windows (Desktop versions)
  • You may download these whenever you need. You can read your books online from a PC without any of these applications getting installed.
  • Once you have downloaded the reader application, you are ready to buy and download books from our book store

Shopping at

  • Each time you need to buy books from, you need to login with your credentials
  • You choose the book you desire to purchase and add it to the shopping cart
  • If it for 0 Rs. then you can do a free check out
  • If there is any amount is to be paid, then you can make the necessary amount by paying through Credit/Debit cards or net banking
  • You can also purchase these books using coupon code voucher or Gift Vouchers (if you have them with you for that particular book)
  • You will receive your Invoice through your mail
  • Your purchased book will get transferred to your account automatically
  • Your book is available from your cloud account on all your logged in devices
  • Enjoy reading

How to download the book from your cloud account to your device (Android or iOS or Windows Desktop):

  • You need to be connected to Internet for this step
  • You start Halant Books reader App on your device
  • Log in with your credentials. Skip this step if you are already logged in
  • Go to the Cloud tab
  • Do a refresh command
  • The book you purchased now will be displayed (Cover Image)
  • Click on the Cover Image to download the book to your device
  • Once the download is complete, a message will be displayed
  • Tap on the Cover Image and your book will be opened for reading

How to read your book online through our Halant Books Web Reader (PCs with a browser):

  • Open your web browser (Chrome or Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer or any other browser)
  • Click on the link provided below to take you to our Online Reader page
  • Log in with your credentials
  • All the books you have purchased will be displayed
  • Click on the boo you wish to read and continue reading
  • Tap on the Cover Image and your book will be opened for reading

*** This page was modified on 10.6.2016***